Suki Matsuhashi

Suki in the water_sm

Raised in Wahiawa, Suki Matsuhashi got her first cookbook as a get-well gift following an appendectomy as a 7-year-old. Betty Crocker became her beloved mentor in cookie-making for the next 8 years.

At 15, Suki took over all the cooking duties for her large family with the backyard garden and fruit trees providing a large portion of the meal ingredients.  Lots of culinary disasters, including minor stove fires and burned rice, mingled with decent meals and desserts followed over the next several years.

College on the mainland followed, with Suki first learning to can peaches and then everything she could get her hands on. Marriage to a man that liked homemade bread furthered her climb up the culinary skills ladder and she’s been learning, cooking, and creating ever since.

Aside from the kitchen, Suki has a B.S. in Information Technology, is a certified hypnotherapist, is a Master Gardener in Utah and Hawaii, and is currently working on a Master’s degree in Acupunture and Herbal Medicine at World Medicine Institute in Honolulu.