Steve Cromwell & Jo Ann Takushi

19990816 FTR soap 10Steve Cromwell and JoAnn Takushi have been making soap for over 17 years.  After research and experimentation, they developed their own recipes.  They started their own business in 1996, The Soap Box, with 6 different types of soap, servicing many hotels, spas, and retail outlets.  Whenever they make soap, they learn something new, so the research never ends.  Jo Ann eventually went back to school and became a licensed esthetician (skin care specialist) in the State of Hawaii.  Steve was the Chef Tournant for a large hotel chain and was a Chef Instructor at Kapiolani Community College.  Due to the failing economy, The Soap Box stopped producing soap after 14 years of being in business and began a new chapter in its ever changing ‘life’.  The Soap Box is now Steve and JoAnn, and they teach the art of soap making at various venues, in addition to selling soap making supplies to their students.