Howard McGinnis

In his ‘past life’, Howard was (and still remains) a systems architect/engineer, specializing in process monitoring and control systems for aerospace, military, automotive and industrial applications.  He was involved in the first 8 American Space Shuttle launches (but assures us that beekeeping is NOT ‘rocket science’), and worked at 4 nuclear power plants.  If you’ve ever driven in a Dodge Ram with a Cummins diesel engine, Howard helped set up, configure and maintain the performance and emissions test cells in North Carolina and Indiana.

Howard has lived in Hawaii since 2002 and has been a beekeeper since 2004, after responding to an advertisement in the Honolulu Advertiser (now the Star Advertiser) for a ‘Part Time Beekeeper’.  He since bought the business that hired him and has kept it going for many years.  He has provided pollination services with his bees for the largest farms on Oahu as well as many of the smaller ones.   He is probably the only full time beekeeper on Oahu, and possibly the only one that relies on bees for 100% of his income.