Heidi Hansen

Heidi Hansen is a remarkable woman with a wide range of Transition-related skills and experience. She lives half the year on the remote, isolated north coast of Molokai within a small community in a nearly complete state of self-sufficiency. Getting in and out is nearly impossible during that time due to high seas. Heidi has become a master of many arts of not just survival, but is a ‘primary source’ on self-reliance, low-tech and simple but of gracious living on little or no energy.

Shown here teaching a class on natural food fermentation, we have tentatively scheduled Heidi’s first fermentation class with Transition University in early May in the hopes that sea conditions will permit boats to take off from her community, allowing her to return to Oahu where she spends the other half of her year. We will make the most of Heidi being with us and schedule as many classes with her as her time allows.