David Bruce Leonard photo
David Bruce Leonard, founder of the Earth Medicine Institute, is a deep ecologist, body-worker, Qigong practitioner, acupuncturist, martial artist, and plant lover. He is an Hawaiian native plant specialist and in September 2012, taught “Nature as Healer, Nature as Teacher” at Honolulu Farms. More »

Richard Heinberg photo
Richard Heinberg is widely regarded as one of the world’s most effective communicators on peak oil and the urgent need to transition away from fossil fuels. He has authored ten books and is a Senior Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute. Having lectured in Honolulu in 2011 at an alternative-APEC conference, he is looking forward to returning to work with Transition University. More »
Dorothy Rose photo
Dorothy Rose Dorothy Rose is a firm believer that “You are what you eat!” Founder of Dodi-Lishious Healthy Lifestyles, she implements her philosophy of creative cooking while educating people about healthy alternatives for nutrition and health, which she hopes will help her students learn how to make wise choices. More »
Heidi Hansen photo
Heidi Hansen is a remarkable woman with a wide range of Transition-related skills and experience. She lives half the year on the remote, isolated north coast of Molokai within a small community in a nearly complete state of self-sufficiency. Getting in and out is nearly impossible during that time due to high seas. Heidi is a ‘primary source’ on self-reliance, low-tech and simple living. More »
Suki Matsuhashi cameo
Raised in Wahiawa, Suki Matsuhashi got her first cookbook as a get-well gift following an appendectomy as a 7-year-old. Betty Crocker became her beloved mentor in cookie-making for the next 8 years. At 15, Suki took over all the cooking duties for her large family with the backyard garden and fruit trees providing a large portion of the meal ingredients. More »

Matt Lynch is a reformed capitalist exploring Regenerative Design Sciences at the forefront of human innovation. He spent two years wandering the planet, studying Permaculture and then practicing it in Mongolia, searching for people, places, and projects to be worked on to make our world a better place. More »

Hunter Heaivilin envisions a future wherein communities are self-reliant for their needs and interdependent for their wants. He has been working locally with school campuses around Oahu on projects ranging from food production to water harvesting and waste management. More »

Laura Shiels encourages sustainable action and health through education, personal empowerment, and deeper connection with nature. She believes that through our connection with plants and nature we better grasp our responsibility to take care of the Earth, and learn to harness our own healing energy. Laura has degrees in Environmental Studies and Ethno-biology… More »
Steve Cromwell and JoAnn Takushi have been making soap and teaching soap-making for over 16 years. Their company, Soap Box Hawaii, offers an assortment of their fine handcrafted soaps. More »
Moussa Bangoura Cameo
Moussa Bangoura was born and raised in Guinea, West Africa. He is from a ‘griot’ family. Among other things griots are musicians, story tellers, peace makers, and advisors. They are the keepers of the tradition, which was in oral form only until recently, when writing was introduced in West Africa. More »

Lizabeth Kashinsky has been working to protect Hawaii’s rare and endangered plants and animals since 1995. She spent six seasons of field work living in the remote Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, now Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument. There she developed a deeper understanding and awareness of the healing power of nature and the interconnectedness of all life. More »

Howard McGinnis, in his ‘past life’ was (and still remains) a systems architect/engineer, specializing in process monitoring and control systems for aerospace, military, automotive and industrial applications. He was involved in the first 8 American Space Shuttle launches (but assures us that beekeeping is NOT ‘rocket science’)… More »

Rosemary Bak has is a talented artist who has painted in oils predominantly over her career.  Photography, printmaking, sculpture, origami as well as farming and gardening are other mediums she has engaged in for her creative self-expression. More »

Elko Evans was form many years the driving force behind Manoa Garden, an organic farming cooperative with a devoted following in the back of Manoa. He was also one of the primary teachers at Betty Gearen’s pre-Transition project, The Green House, in Pauoa Valley before relocating on a farm in Waimanalo. More »