Fermentation 101B – Natural Food Fermentation (Afternoon)

May 18, 2013 @ 11:30 pm – May 19, 2013 @ 3:00 am
Honolulu Farms
2801 La-'i Road
Honolulu, HI 96816
$30 + Materials fee
Dorothy Rose

At this ‘hands-on’ workshop Heidi Hansen will demonstrate and teach the principles of fermentation and pro-biotic cultures. She’ll share some of her best recipes and know-how on a variety of fermented foods including beet kvass, yogurt cheese, whey, sauerkraut, small (low-alcohol) mead and kefir soda. The class will cover:

  • the benefits of making and eating fermented foods for improved digestive health,
  • the DOs and DON’Ts of fermentation,
  • how to know if your kefir grains are dying,
  • making a perfect, simple batch of mead,
  • types of containers to use,
  • fitting fermentation into a busy schedule,
  • making the process very affordable, and
  • good sources for ingredients.

Participants will sample a variety of these healthy foods.  There will be a materials fee (TBD) covering ingredients and containers so participants can take their work home.

Note: Morning and afternoon workshops will cover a different assortment of fermentation processes and foods.  Participants are welcome to take one or both, and there will be a discount for those taking both in addition to the usual discount for students, seniors, and others with financial limitations.


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