Transition University began as an outgrowth of classes being held in Honolulu, at a small organic teaching farm in Palolo Valley called Honolulu Farms.  Located over the hill from the University of Hawaii, Honolulu Farms remains our ‘flagship campus’, nestled against the foothills of the Ko’olau Mountains.  This serene location has views down the valley to Waikiki and the ocean beyond.  Class participants can take short forest hikes on class breaks.  Some classes will utilize the proximity to the natural forest environment.rainbow over Palolo Valley

Since small scale and backyard food cultivation classes are part of the Transition University curriculum, the Permaculture implemented at Honolulu Farms offers many opportunities for participation and learning about this cornerstone of Transition.

At Honolulu Farms, other long-term projects are available to Transition University students in a variety of ‘GreenTech’ areas including aquaponics, sun-sourced power, biogas generation, bamboo construction, WVO (waste vegetable oil) automotives, and more.

Native American Sweat Lodge

There is a Native American sweat lodge located at the Honolulu Farms campus of Transition University. The lodge was constructed and ‘sweats’ are conducted in the Lakota tradition.  Sweats, which are conducted approximately once a month, are ceremonial cleansings and opportunity for prayer, clarification, and self-healing.  As such, the sweat lodge is part of our Health & Wellness curriculum offering.  Sweat lodges are free, and open to all Transition University participants.