Vision – University

Transition University is developing a geographically distributed institution of higher relevancy education beginning with island of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. Some regard the Hawaiian Islands as the ‘navel’ of the planet Earth, or piko in Hawaiian, the point where land is still emerging from the sea on a regular basis.  So it is appropriate in some sense that Transition University began there too.

We are assembling a faculty of Instructors possessing unique and valuable skills. We offer Courses & Workshops, at an affordable cost and in a convenient format and schedule for both working people and students of more traditional schools, colleges and universities. Our curriculum includes subjects, topics and skills not generally available in more traditional schools, as well as a unique treatment of some topics that are.

Our Honolulu campus is currently Honolulu Farms, an organic, sustainable, teaching farm in the foothills of the Ko’olau Mountains, conveniently located near the most populous area of Oahu.  Classes will be offered at additional locations in other parts of Oahu, bringing instructors to the students, to minimize fossil fuel based travel.  Carpooling will always be suggested, encouraged and facilitated wherever possible.

Eventually will become as we digitally relocated and offer our online interface and templates to Transition Initiatives around the world.