Mission – Transition

The mission of Transition University is intimately connected with the entire Transition Movement. In the 21st century humanity faces collective threats including climate change, ‘peak oil’, and economic instability resulting from a flawed model of exponential economic growth on a finite planet. Politicians and pundits, business people, economists, bankers, conventional educators, and everyday working people—most of society continues to anticipate a future based upon the robust growth of the past few decades.

Recognizing the reality of climate change, peak oil, and economic instability now and in the future, Transition Initiatives all over the world seek to help create resilient, increasingly self-reliant communities able to respond to stresses and shocks that the future holds in store.

Transition University seeks to assist with the educational component of transition to a post-carbon society, to aid with adaptation in the 21st century. We bring together teachers, skilled practitioners, craftsmen, artisans and guides with those interested in learning their valuable knowledge and skills. It is not required that you agree with the underpinnings of Transition to benefit from our offerings.

Transition University brings the skills needed for greater community resiliency and self-sufficiency to individuals who seek them and communities that will need them. We are not accredited in the conventional sense; rather we are an institution of higher relevancy education. Transition University is a source of practical education and often a preserver and promoter of waning and disappearing knowledge and skills.

We will know that we are fulfilling our mission if attendance of our classes and workshops remains high, and feedback remains positive.