Climate Change

That human-induced climate change is occurring is a strongest consensus in the scientific world; it is a known fact. The ongoing, well-funded effort to create popular confusion and elicit denial of its reality has unfortunately succeeded to stymie political efforts to deal with climate change. Regardless, the endless stream of global weather anomalies, droughts, floods, wildfires, storms and tornadoes, in addition to other well documented consequences, including polar melting, methane release from extreme northern latitudes, ocean acidification, species extinction, desertification, environmental refugees, and others, bear adequate witness that climate change is well under way.

The main remaining questions pertain to how far and how fast its effects will be felt and be recognized for what they are. How long will it take before there is no remaining doubt, even among the staunchest deniers? How soon will popular opinion allow governments to find the political will to act? How will those of us already aware of the reality of climate change act in the face of current governmental inaction? And perhaps most importantly, how will climate change play out for future generations of humanity and life on Earth.