Welcome to Transition University

Transition University is a non-traditional educational institution offering tools and skills for greater individual self-reliance and community resilience in the face of the challenges of the 21st century.  We are part of the growing international Transition Network and a direct outgrowth of Transition US.

For those who are new to the Transition Movement, a quick bit of research into some of the links under our About menu will be helpful. Also we provide links to a variety of useful sources about Transition on our Resources page.

Transition University’s motto says it all. We are offering Tools for changing times’.  Within our course catalog you will find an increasing assortment of non-traditional curriculum gathered into five areas: Arts & Entertainment, Health & Wellness, Food & Nutrition, Farming & Gardening, and a combined GreenTech & Home Ec department, where you will over time find topics ranging from ‘aquaponics’ and ‘food preservation’ to ‘xeriscaping’.  Additional curriculum areas will be added over time.  While our web presence helps organize, promote and facilitate our university, we do NOT use what is euphemistically called ‘distance learning’.  This artifice of the digital age eliminates live interaction with the teacher (which we feel is where the ‘magic’ of education really happens) in favor of electronic delivery of print and graphical media.  We regard ‘distance learning’ as something that optimized for economics rather than education.  All our classes are live, and ‘hands-on’ is the most preferable of all.

We have started our school in the State of Hawaii, in relationship with Transition Oahu.  As we grow, we hope to assist other Transition Initiatives throughout the US and the world in organizing their courses and workshops into a comprehensive global university.

Please Contact Us to let us know how you found us, and any ideas for making Transition University more successful in its mission.  If you are interested in attending any course or workshop for which appears in our catalog but is not currently scheduled, please click on the link provided in the catalog.  If there is something not in the catalog you would like to see us offer please Contact Us to let us know.

Sincere thanks,
Stuart Scott, President
Transition University